Pre-Built Designs for Elementor with full AMP Compatiblity

Are you ready to use the most innovative product of 2019?
LevelUP theme is an ideal solution for people who appreciates the modern designs and not afraid to take advantage of new technologies like AMP, PWA & Schema.

What Makes It So Special?

Let's have a look at the Top 3 features apart from the fact that it's Free and Opensource!

50+ Pre-Made Designs

We will deliver you fresh designs every week through our design library so you can keep up with design trends.

Header & Footer Builder

We have introdcued a stunning Header and Footer builder which makes it to take full control of your site

AMP Compatiblity

Any change you do in the Elementor is going to reflect in the AMP as well, including the content and the design.

8 Modules and Counting


Let's you display the testimonials from your happy customers about your product or service View Demo

Category Block

Dynamically displays the posts from the selected category in the blog format. View Demo


If you have a feature or a set of features then this is the module for you. View Demo

Call to Action

CTA grabs the attention of the users with a prominent call to action button. View Demo

Content Presentation

Showcase your content in various different ways. View Demo

Client Logos

Logo module allows you to show your clients and customers to the world. View Demo


Ideal for the startups and small business who wants to showcase their team. View Demo

Pricing Table

Pricing table is important for landing page and this module has innovative designs. View Demo

We will be Creating and Pushing New Designs Every Week

If you have any design request then just contact us through contact form and our team will create it and release it as an update.

Our Goal & Philosophy

We want to build an ideal solution for people who are having problems on daily basis and we want to make a difference in society with the help of our solutions. We solve problems through code and communication. In LevelUP, we wanted to solve Design problems and the allow people to keep up with latest tech trends.

LevelUP in the current state is just the 10% of what we want to build, we are committed to do big improvements in the near future.


Free & OpenSource

We believe in contributing to the society by building a solutions and then making it available to everyone so that people can use it and help us improve it for everyone.

View GitHub Repo

Did you see the AMP version of this page?

The current is fully AMP Compatible with built with LevelUP theme & plugin. The current site was built with Elementor and the AMP version came out of the box. You can see the AMP version by adding /amp/ at the end of URL.

View AMP version