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It's Lightweight, Future-Proof, Secure & Fast which makes it #1 framework for your next project. Theme Page

Top Features

Active Development

We are actively developing this theme with a long term stratergy of a decade. We can't wait to innovate in this space.

#1 AMP WP Theme

This is the first ever created theme which is fully AMP. It's not just a theme, it's a theme framework.

WP Theme Standards

You don't need to learn any new coding skills. If you build the theme in WordPress standards, it'll automatically be compatible with AMP.


It powers light code which results in less server side queries. It's lightweight on the browser and the server.

Secure & Stable

Each and every line of the code is reviewed by our team as well as WP theme review team.

Google AMP First

It's build on the AMP HTML format which is the new coding standard built by Google which provides the fast user experience.

Lighthouse Tested

Google Lighthouse is a tool to test the quality of web pages. We make sure that it passes on all the standards and continiously improve upon it.

PWA & offline support

It perfectly integrates with the Progressive Web App to provide a very fast App like user experience.

No Dependencies

It's not depended on any 3rd party scripts or files which could break or conflict which makes it easy to maintain for the developers.

Search Engine Optimized

It's perfectly optimized for the SEO and we will continue to improve this aspect of the theme.

Accessibility Ready

Accessibility is extremly improtant for special people, so we decided to put extra efforts to make it compatible with it.

Less than 50kb

The CSS is automatically optimized on the output. We are responsibiliy loading the CSS so it's always bloatfree on loading.

95+ PageSpeed Score

Google Pagespeed score is one of the most important benchmark for the performance. This theme results in 95+ Google Pagespeed score.

A (95%) on GTMetrix Report

GTmetrix is one of the most popular tool to test the performance and our theme is always A on every test.

Quick Setup Development

It doesn't require alot of setup when starting the development. It's just the basic theme folder structure which is very flexible as well.

Fully Validated

The page is always AMP validated, when you are adding the code, make sure it's in the AMP format.

Options Panel

It also has powerful options which enhances the functionality of the theme and we will continue to make feature rich but user-friendly as well.

LevelUP is for Everyone


Freelancers can use their creativity to build all sorts of themes and solutions for their clients and hobby projects.


Agencies can rely upon this framework to build a custom solution for their clients for a long time.

Website Owners

Webmasters can use this as a weapon to get ahead in todays busy market. This is a win for a long term in SEO.